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Fort Bragg Mendo Abalone Dive Shop

Sub-Surface Progression Dive Shop
Providing Abalone Diving Rentals and SCUBA Gear
Established 1977

Local Dive Locations (North to South):

  • Westport
  • MacKerricher
  • Glass Beach
  • Noyo
  • Jug Handle
  • Caspar
  • Russian Gulch
  • Mendocino Headlands
  • Van Damme
  • Albion River
  • Elk

Diving Tips

Abalone may only be taken free-diving. You will need the items listed in our Abalone Dive Package to be comfortable and successful. Become familiar with current laws and reguluations for Abalone diving at CA Department of Fish and Game. Also, consider bringing a friend for the dive. They can help you find the Abalone.

It is best to swim out near rock formations and look for abalone. Locations close to shore tend to be picked over as the season progresses. When diving you must look closely as abalone resemble the rocks. If visibility is good, you should be able to see the abalone from the surface depending on your location. If visibility is not great, you will need to dive down and search to locate the abalone.

There are many great dive locations in our area. Some key factors in determining a dive location are:

  • Entry-Some dive locations provide an easy entry such as a beach. Other dive locations can be rocky and more difficult. If you dive from a boat, this won't influence your dive location.

  • Tide-The best tide to dive depends on personal preference. Low Tide allows a diver to be closer to the bottom. High Tide is known for great visibility. At Ebb Tide (when the tide is going out or receding), it is easier to swim out and at Flood Tide (when the tide is coming in or rising), it is easier to swim back to shore. Visit our links page to check local tide tables before diving.

  • Depth-Shallow depths near shore are normally picked over more quickly. Deeper depths require a diver to hold their breath longer. Determine what is best for you based on your experience. A weight belt is necessary for diving when wearing a wetsuit. The standard amount of weight is ten percent of your body weight plus 5 pounds when using a 7mm wetsuit. A diver may use more or less weight than the standard based on experience and personal preference.

Sub-Surface Progression Dive Shop
(707) 964-3793
** We open earlier during Minus Tides **
Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Providing Abalone Diving Rentals, SCUBA Dive Gear, Kayaks, Surfboards on the Fort Bragg and Mendocino Coast